“Turning off the worry alarm”: (your hypnotherapy mp3)

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“Turning off the worry alarm”

(your hypnotherapy mp3)

How good would it be if you could reduce the shrillness of that worry alarm that shouts so loudly sometimes…?

And in that very sentence lies the key to turning down the intensity of worry. Perhaps even turning off the worry alarm completely.

You see, not everyone experiences ‘worry’ in the same way you do.

  • Perhaps you picture disaster unfolding in front of you or see the disapproval in peoples’ faces.
  • Maybe the worry alarm is too shrill or all you hear is your boss’s voice telling you you’re fired.
  • Perhaps it’s the sinking nausea that ties your stomach in knots, gripping you with dread.
  • Maybe you’re stuck in your own head, going over and over the unfolding doom as if you’re narrating your own future.

We each prefer a particular way to engage with our fears. After all, your mind wants you sit up & take notice, so it’ll use everything it knows to grab your full attention. The problem is, in most situations these intense feelings hinder rather than help.

So how does knowing all this help?

Here’s how:

Hypnotherapy’s really useful when it comes to reducing how you experience worry and replacing it with a sense of calm & peace. That’s why I’ve designed & recorded this hypnotherapy mp3 for you. It gives you a tool to quite literally calm yourself down from worry.

It’s called: “Turning off your worry alarm”

Download it now, (no strings attached, yours forever).


What next

Do keep in touch & let me know how you get on.

If you’d like to have a chat about therapy to stop worry & anxiety, drop me a line here.

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