Working With Me

During our time working together, we will look beyond your symptoms and help you uncover your core personal issues.

Each bespoke hypnotherapy session will use therapeutic trance techniques tailored specifically to you.

Clients have found working with me particularly effective in overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Stress.

Therapy is available at my Therapy Practice in Harley Street, London and in Peterborough. Working with me really could change your life.

Working with me (Tony Burkinshaw)

Therapy Appointments


We will talk through your difficulties and how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be of benefit to you.

Typically this appointment lasts around 60 minutes.

Your Consultation is a vital step in your therapy as it enables your hypnotherapy to be specifically tailored to you.


Your bespoke hypnotherapy appointments generally last about an hour.

We will review your progress to ensure your appointment is precisely tailored and so help you progress even further.

In this way, you will find that you move beyond you difficulties and reclaim your life at a pace which suits you.

Working with me (Tony Burkinshaw)