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I approached Tony to help address a long time fear of public speaking – something that I felt was really holding me back in my career.
The outcome of the therapy was far better than I could have imagined, and in such a short amount of time. I have completely conquered by fears of speaking. I even managed to delver a best man’s speech with confidence and ease!
I would very much recommend that anyone in a similar situation to the one I began with works with Tony – it will help change your life.Communications Director

I just want to say a massive thanks. Finding your advert online was the best thing I have ever done. You might not think you have done much but trust me you have transformed me from a sinking mess to normal again. For that I will always be grateful.Female, 32, Emergency Services

Tony is a warm, engaging therapist who is highly professional and knowledgeable. He has an excellent understanding of hypnotherapy and NLP and I would highly recommend him if you are looking to make changes in your life.J.S.

I saw Tony after being diagnosed with epilepsy as I was not coping with the seizures at all. It was taking over my life. I had extreme anxiety to the point that I was just trying to get through the day. I was no longer living my life I was simply surviving.

I was a bit skeptical about meeting with Tony because of the misconceived perception of hypnotherapy. I was a bit apprehensive and a little scared because of what you see on TV, people getting put under and then controlled by the hypnotherapist. I did however put these ideas aside and thought it was worth a shot as I was willing to try anything by that point. I can confirm 100% that this perception is completely incorrect and at no point are you controlled by the therapist.

Seeing Tony has not only given me my life back but has improved it by changing the way that I think and deal with stressful situations. He has taught me to deal with things as they come and to not worry about what might never happen. I no longer let little things bother me and think there are much bigger things to care about than to stress over whether the washing is done!

Seeing Tony is the best thing that I could have ever done. I am living my life again and it has made me accept my condition and not let it stop me from doing anything. He has given me the confidence to excel in life and enjoy every minute. Live life for today and not worry about what tomorrow brings. I am even going travelling in America next year which I would have never even considered last year.

It is amazing that such a small amount of time with Tony can totally transform your life. I would highly recommend him to anyone.K.A.

I was quite emotional at the end of my hypnotherapy journey with Tony for two reasons; Firstly I was amazed at how far I had come in the two short months (and not always weekly) Tony and I had been working together on my anxiety and insomnia issues, and I realised in my last session that I was now free of all of it and able to move forward which was exhilarating, and secondly because I had to say goodbye to Tony! He is so wonderful to work with as a therapist. he listens, he gets it, he understands and he treats. his techniques quite simply WORK.

I was in a mess when I first met Tony; 3 panic attacks a day and not being able to sleep for more than an hour or two in 5 nights, and all of this had come out of nowhere. I had never had any of these problems in the past and so it was shocking to me when it happened and I could not figure a way out of it. But now, I am fixed! Yes, I still have thoughts and fears sometimes (hypnotherapy doesn’t wipe your thoughts and fears, it gives you the tools to tackle them and rationalise them), “will the insomnia return” etc, but I am able to quell all of those irrational fears by using a few simple techniques that Tony taught me and now LIFE IS GOOD and I sleep very well thank you! No panic attacks either.

Interestingly other aspects of my life have improved too, I am no longer angry when things go wrong, or negative and scared. On a final note, here is the proof of the pudding; my husband was a total sceptic when it came to hypnotherapy, but guess what? He saw the HUGE change in me and my behaviour and now is attending sessions with Tony himself to tackle smoking and general lack of focus in his work life! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Go and see Tony, you will amazed… and fixed!R.W.

I started to experience a lot of pain in my lower back with extreme pain in the small of my back and down my legs. Following several visits to the doctors the outcome was 30mg Co-codamol up to 8 a day, sometimes taking more to control the pain. I thought that this was the end of many forms of activities, even with stronger pain killers which have a propensity to mess the head up. In the meantime I was sent to the hospital for X-rays. The outcome was quite a shock in that my Sacroiliac and L4 disc were deteriorating.

The process that Tony adopted was gradual, with a very thoughtful approach and also very thorough. I learnt a lot about myself. Remarkable and very, very useful. The outcome has been regaining my full mobility which the Physiotherapist described as remarkable.

I am very happy at the way things have worked out. Tony – a big, big thank you.C.W.

I went to see Tony having been told I needed a wisdom tooth out, and I knew I couldn’t cope with it, having had a phobia of dentists visits/treatments since I was a child.

I found Tony very warm, reassuring and totally professional. I always looked forward to my sessions with him, although at times it was hard work, it was always rewarding for me. It worked BIG TIME, the day of the dentist arrived and I was calm, I drove to my appointment, I was calm, had the injections and then a filling and the extraction and I was calm and very confident.There was no need for the MP3 Tony recorded specially for me. I used three of Tony’s MP3’s, still do, I found them brilliant especially if I ever felt stressed or couldn’t sleep.

The treatment I had not only helped me overcome my complete fear of the dentist, but, made me more confident in many other subtle ways. Thank you Tony from one very happy lady.J.C.

I saw Tony to get some help with my tendency to procrastinate. Tony helped me in two really significant ways. Firstly, he helped me to relax more deeply and profoundly than I have ever achieved before, and from there he helped me ‘to get myself out of my own way’ (a cognitive hypnotherapy thing apparently!).

After seeing him I felt really motivated and now feel much more positive about everything that I can achieve. Thank you so much Tony!V.W.

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