The Mind Reading illusion

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The Mind Reading illusion

As humans, we’re highly developed social beings with a brain hard-wired for social interaction. Your brain notices body language, intonation, micro-expressions, pauses, even minute changes in aroma. In the blink of an eye it maps them out against your own experience, motivations, desires, beliefs and values. In fractions of a second you just ‘know’ what that other human really means.

It’s called Mind Reading and it’s an illusion.

Why? Because you can’t read minds. Not really. You can’t know what someone else is thinking. Despite feeling so very sure, you don’t actually know. What’s really going on is highly-educated guesswork made by a sophisticated, human-tuned computing machine, (your brain).

So what happens when it’s important to get it right? Like in therapy for instance?

Even with the years of experience I have, both as a human being and skilled therapist, I can’t read your mind any more than you can read mine. So what do we do, if I can’t get inside your head?

Fortunately, I know someone who can read your mind. It’s you.

A key premise of the work I do is to use your model of the world. To work with the motivations, thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs that you hold.

But this raises a problem.

If I can’t know for sure what you’re experiencing, how does this work?

Well, no-one knows you better than you. Now, I know sometimes it feels as though you don’t – like saying things you don’t mean or feeling sick with worry about that presentation. But even though consciously you’re at a loss, your unconscious mind really does know what’s going on.

By expertly blurring the lines between your conscious and unconscious minds, we can explore how your mind really sees your world. And because you’re now actively involved in your own therapy, we’ll always stay within your model of your world.

And if your model of the world needs updating, as is sometimes the case, it’s your vision of the future that guides that change.

Why? Because only you really know you.

If I tried to do it without your involvement, I’d be guessing.

And in my world, guessing isn’t good enough.

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