#KeepMeSafe: The Top Ten Worries of Young Adults

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The Top Ten Worries of Young Adults

Young adults really are feeling the pressure, this recent #KeepMeSafe study found. Many 18-24 year olds are feeling stressed-out up to 6 hours a day, worrying about money, buying a home, meeting deadlines – the list goes on.

Not only is this a very stressed generation, many feel they have no-one to turn to talk about their concerns. I see this too with increasing numbers of young adults coming to me seeking help with high levels of stress and anxiety.

#KeepMeSafe campaign

The study, conducted by the charity UK Youth, paves the way for its #KeepMeSafe campaign. This campaign urges organisations working with young people to take action during March, National Safeguarding Month.

“It’s concerning to see just how long young people spend feeling worried or stressed.”

“Many of them have to go through these issues alone, without anyone to turn to for advice and guidance,” said a charity representative. “Despite living in our ever-connected world, young people need safe spaces more than ever.

“But to stop young people feeling worried or stressed in a society where issues of grooming, online peer pressure, extremism and hate crimes are rising, many youth services need to be supported with additional safeguarding resources and training.”

Many young adults have wide social networks both online and offline. However significant numbers just don’t feel there’s anyone they can really open up to. Even though social media is helpful to many, over 40% felt that it made things worse. There’s a pressure to conform and portray themselves in a positive light.

Young adults often feel they’re worries aren’t taken seriously which is one of the key problems highlighted by this research. This means that nearly 60% say they just try to deal with it on their own. In my experience as a therapist, this is unlikely to make things better.

Top ten worries (#KeepMeSafe)

  1. Money
  2. The future
  3. Appearance
  4. Weight
  5. Health
  6. Getting a job
  7. Getting into a chosen career
  8. Finding a job which pays enough money
  9. The health of a loved one
  10. Meeting targets, deadlines and goals at work


If you’re affected by stress and anxiety or know someone who is,  the good news is that help is out there. Whether you decide to seek therapy or look for ways you can help yourself, take a look around my website whilst you’re here. If you’ve got any questions or want to talk about how I can help, do get in touch.

The future may be brighter than it seems.

What to do next

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