Hypnotic Slumber: beyond insomnia mp3

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Hypnotic Slumber: Beyond Insomnia mp3

(20 minutes)

This insomnia mp3 helps relieve the sleep-related symptoms of underlying anxieties, stress, low mood and depression. It’s difficult to deal with because when you’re tired, emotional thinking takes over. This is often why your mind can spin out of control with thoughts, songs and even daydreams keeping you awake at night.

This 20 minute deeply hypnotic mp3 is specifically designed to help you break the cycle of sleeplessness.

Listen to it every night at bedtime for a month. It really helps.

Length: 20.00m

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For some clients the underlying causes of insomnia may need specific therapy. If you suspect this is you, get in touch so we can discuss Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how it can help you.

Sometimes insomnia may have a medical cause, so if in doubt seek the advice of a medical professional.