Dealing With Exam and Study Stress?

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Does this sound like you?

“Studying and revising fill me with dread”

“Exam nerves prevent me from getting the grades I deserve”

“Information drains from my mind even as I try to learn it”

“Do training courses leave you more confused than before”

If any of these feel familiar, you will benefit immensely from skilled Learning Coaching.

Learning Coaching uses Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help you acquire bespoke skills to increase learning speed and ease of recall.

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Learning & Memory Skills Coaching

Throughout our lives, we uncover masses of information. We even live in the ‘Information Age’. Information is vital to our progress and success in this modern world but we are rarely taught the best way to learn. Our brains love learning new things. We do it all the time. You’ve almost certainly learned something really well; perhaps a favourite subject, sport or musical instrument, golf or cooking.

Everyone learns, even if it wasn’t in the classroom. Here’s a secret: Learning is Fun. Learning is Easy…Once you’ve discovered how to do it Your way. The secret is to uncover how Your brain likes to learn and then learn everything that way. It takes practice and yes, it takes some effort.

With a skilled Learning Coach, you can waive goodbye to Exam and Study Stress whilst your ability to learn can become truly awesome.

Working with me, you will discover

How Your Brain Likes To Learn

How You Can Easily Pass Exams

How To Get Better Grades

How You Learn, Retain and Recall Information Easily and Effectively

If you find that your difficulty is stress and anxiety around the exam itself, then Cognitive Hypnotherapy is particularly beneficial.

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Seminars and Workshops

If you are a business or a training institution, let’s discuss the benefit of Seminars or Workshops so that your employees or students discover highly effective learning, memory and recall techniques in a quick and effective session.

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