Six steps to stay energised at work

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Six steps to stay energised at work

All of a sudden it was the middle of the afternoon and I realised I’d not eaten, just three grandé Starbucks from the canteen. I’d been at my desk or in meetings all day and it was beginning to tell. I checked my watch. There was just time to grab something. With notes & laptop in hand, I rushed off to the next meeting via the coffee machine and downed an energy bar, (well, a Snickers actually – it’s got nuts in so it counts as a protein boost).

Never mind, I’d catch up with food and drinks when I got home later.

It took me ages to work out why my busy mind kept waking me during the night. Decent sleep was a long forgotten luxury.

Even though I’d enjoyed much of my Financial Services career, the stress was beginning to tell. In more ways than one, redundancy changed everything.

It’s surprising how often a client tells a story very similar to my own. Busy mind, sleepless nights, tummy troubles, migraines, the endless rush to get everything done. Firefighting their way through a to do list that will, quite literally, never end.

If this sounds familiar, what steps can you take?

You see, there’s always more to do than the time you’ve got, so something’s got to give. Come in early, leave late, skip lunches & breaks. And evenings. And weekends. And even when not working, the mobile’s always on, checking calls & texts & keeping on top of emails to stay ahead of the game tomorrow.

Even holidays are semi-work time. Just to keep on top of things whilst you’re away so there aren’t any big surprises waiting for you.

The energy to do this comes from somewhere and that somewhere has to be you. If you’re not careful, the busyness of your world can become overwhelming and then burnout’s only a question of time.

Here are 6 tried and trusted ways to stay energised at work

  1. Walk casually to the drinks machine/coffee shop & drink your drink away from your desk. (And here’s the interesting bit…) with your mobile on silent.
  2. Walk to a colleague’s desk & speak to them face to face instead of sending that email or text
  3. Do two minutes of ‘Mobile Breathing’ for a quick & effective time out
  4. Use this ‘60 second re-set‘ technique for a super-fast de-stresser.
  5. Go for a 10 minute walk, once in the morning and once in the afternoon – make sure you’re offline (no mobile, no talking shop)
  6. Take a 30 minute lunch break…away from work & offline again. (If you don’t already do this, start at once a week & work upwards from there).

Use these as they’re really helpful in building up your energy levels & ensuring you’re at maximum focus when you are working.

Keep your eye out for more….

What next

Sometimes the stresses are simply too strong to ignore or burnout’s already in play. If so, you’ll need more than just these 6 simple steps to stay energised at work.

If this is you, do get in touch. Let’s discuss how I can help.


(Photo by Nicolas Tissot on Unsplash)

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