How to end email anxiety

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You know the feeling, I’m sure. You turn up at work and there’s yet another torrent of emails waiting there, staring at you. They swamp your best laid plans and before you know it, an hour has vanished. Wasted time wading through e-junk. You end up doing emails in the evenings & weekends to try & get a head start before you back in.

You’re not alone! I’ve been there too & as my inbox grew, so did my email anxiety. Friends and colleagues all had the same problem.

Here’s a thing. I know how to turn the tide.

If you’d like a simple technique that reduces email anxiety and boosts your productivity, (not to mention giving you more spare time)…then this article’s for you.

In practice, everybody sends emails to everyone about everything. It’s easier than actually talking and keeps an audit trail of who said what to whom. And then there’s all the emails you’re cc’d into from all those distribution lists you ended up on ‘cos you were in a meeting once.

And that’s before everything that’s not quite spammy enough to be junk and you get it anyway.

The result is hundreds of emails and only some of them matter. But there’s no easy way of telling which is which…

Here’s a thing:

Hands up if you’ve got over 100 emails in your inbox?

…over 1000?

…over 10,000?


(The record for one of my clients is over 80,000, by the way)

I have a question for you.

What if your inbox was EMPTY at the end of every single day AND you knew for certain that you had your emails under control?

Sounds great but impossible, doesn’t it?

Trust me. It’s not a fantasy. It’s real.

I use it. My coaching clients use it. It works.

All you need are 6 folders in your inbox. (And 2 of these disappear once you’re up and running).

It takes a little discipline and some initial organisation but it releases a whole new world of time and efficiency.

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