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I’d be delighted to talk with you about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you. Therapy can be conducted either at my therapy practice in Harley Street, London or in Peterborough.

Mobile :                07926 852 454  (Call or Text)

Telephone:        0800 138 8575 *

E-mail:          (or use the Confidential Contact Form)

Data Protection: Any information you share with Tony Burkinshaw Cognitive Hypnotherapy is held securely and used in accordance with UK Data Protection regulations. We never share your information unless required to do so by UK law. We fully comply with the CNHC Code of Conduct. You can view a copy here: Code of Conduct

* 0800 numbers are free from most UK landlines. I use a UK-based confidential answering service so that whatever time you call, you’ll speak to a real person and not a machine. You’ll be asked for brief details and I’ll return your call as soon as I can.

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