How to Get in Touch

After a great career as Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Harley Street and Peterborough, it’s now time for me to retire. Sadly this means I’m no longer taking on any new clients.

I have two suggestion for you that will be helpful in your search to improve your wellbeing:

T.B.Talks: The Wellbeing & Therapy magazine

  • I write an online wellbeing & therapy magazine called ‘T.B.Talks’.
    • Based on my experience as a therapist in the world-renowned Harley Street, I add a brand new article each week & you can browse all the old articles at your leisure.
    • T.B.Talks focusses on Anxiety & Stress and is full of practical ways to promote better Wellbeing.
    • It would be great to see you there! It’s easy to subscribe using the form below.

How To Find a Cognitive Hypnotherapist

  • There are plenty of great therapists still around who can help you. I’d strongly recommend that you head over to the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy website.
    • It has an easy to use ‘Therapist Finder‘ tool which will help you work out who to choose.


Subscribe to T.B.Talks

If you’d still like to contact me, please email me here:


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