Look Into My Eyes: (Choosing the right hypnotherapist)

What should you consider when looking for a hypnotherapist to work with? There are many therapies and many hypnotherapists to choose from. Unless you’ve been recommended to one, it can be daunting to have to decide who to choose.

These tips give you an idea of what to ask

  1. Always use a professional hypnotherapist

    • Are they a member of a Professional Organisation?
    • Does their website link to the Professional Organisation to prove their membership?
  2. What Hypnotherapy Qualifications do they hold?

    • A qualified hypnotherapist should have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Most will also be a Practitioner of NLP.
    • Better still, look for those who are also Master Practitioner of NLP
  3. Do they Specialise in your particular issue?

    • It is best to find a hypnotherapist who specialises in your issue.
    • Check out their website. This should tell you if they Specialise or whether they seem to do a bit of everything.
  4. Cost Effectiveness

    • Obviously cost is an important issue but cost-effectiveness is even more important. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
  5. Is the hypnotherapy bespoke to you?

    • Ask your hypnotherapist if they use scripts. Scripts can be useful for the hypnotherapist but mean you receive the same therapy as everyone else with your issue.
    • Bespoke therapy, designed specifically for you is always preferable to a one-size-fits-all approach.
  6. What is more important – hypnosis or therapy?

    • Some say you must be deeply hypnotised before therapy can work. Therapy happens to you whilst you are ‘under’.
    • or…
    • You decide how ‘deep’ you go, not the hypnotherapist. Therapy and ‘trance’ happen together whilst you actively participate in your own therapy.

Obviously there are more aspects to whether a particular hypnotherapist is right for you, but these 6 areas might help you make a more informed judgement about what you’re looking for.

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