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Learn to become your own therapist

(This is Part 2 of a two-part post. Read Part 1 “The Deep Trance Myth”  here)

The first box set I ever watched was the Sopranos. The previews on the tellybox always grabbed my attention but as I’d missed the first two Seasons and catch-up TV didn’t exist, I never actually watched it.  That’s another thing, when did it become Seasons? It’d always been ‘Series’ when I grew up and now here we are and ‘Seasons’ have been around seemingly forever. Our minds are really skilled at ignoring change but that’s a story for later.  

Every episode, Tony Soprano was still in therapy for his panic attacks. In that clichéd American way, his therapy ran through every Season, accepting that whole ongoingness of getting better. Weekly sessions of the traditional 50-minute therapy hour, keeping going until you find yourself no longer needing that level of support. (The British Psychoanalytic Council say it ‘depends on the individual circumstances and can vary from many months to several years’). It’s tried and tested & this level of ongoing supportivenss suits many people. 

Therapy can be brief

But I don’t want you to have to wait that long. Much as I love getting to know my clients really well, I’d rather you found a way not to need me anymore. So a big slice of what we do is aimed not only at getting you to recover quickly but, perhaps more importantly, at not needing to come back again. (I know, as a business model it’s not ideal. It’s like I’m trying to make repeat business really difficult. Which I am). 

Did you read my last post? The one about not putting you into a trance and leaving all that ‘going deeper’ stuff to you? You’ll find out that you’re naturally skilled at trances, just by being human. Anyway, if you read it, it’s a good lead-in to what I’m talking about here. If you missed it, you can check it out here, (although if you’d rather stay here & not break the flow that’s OK too – just take a look afterwards. It’ll make more sense) . 

Now, because you end up doing your own trance work, (trust me, it comes naturally), then you’re intimately involved in all the therapy. It helps on two fronts. 

Become your own therapist

You know what’s going on in your world far better than anyone else. It makes sense that you should be the one who decides what’s most effective. With a little help, (well, quite a lot of help to begin with), you find the right words, scenarios, learnings, new understandings which’ll make the most difference for you. No matter how hard I try, I can never really know how you’d interpret the words I use. So I don’t use my words. I use yours. Therapy’s built entirely around your model of the world. This way it works must faster.  

The other key benefit, is that you learn how to do therapy. You begin to understand how to build links between your conscious mind and your unconscious. You start taking what you’ve learned and build your own way of reinforcing the things you’ve discovered. More importantly, you’re better equipped to deal with whatever else life may throw your way. 

By being inside the process and an active part of your own therapy, you upskill yourself. You come away with techniques you can use on your own to bring yourself back up to speed if things go awry. And you can power-up your life when it’s going well. 

It’s the difference that makes the difference. 


What next

If you’d like to have a chat about how cognitive hypnotherapy could help, feel free to get in touch here or take a look around my website – this page might be a good place to start: Cognitive Hypnotherapy



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