Anxiety in Harley Street

Anxiety in Harley Street

Perhaps it’s time for a challenge. It seems as though redundancy, a change of career and loved ones with serious illness aren’t challenging enough. Mind you, the latest research shows that a challenge response to stress is way healthier than traditional fight or flight. Maybe I’m on to something? So with plunge taken, leaping leapt and forward steps behind me I’ve decided to move on to Harley and his eponymous Street. Really. Harley Street. As New Year Resolutions go, this one definitely counts as a challenge.

We all have dreams: a road trip, extended holidays, months travelling in exciting places, leaping out of perfectly serviceable aircraft with a scrap of silk tied to your back. Working in Harley Street. Some come to fruition. Others don’t.

Apparently my father’s retirement wish-list included a Winnebago and long distance travel. I don’t recall it myself as he never made it that far and 1987 is a long time ago. His future became my past when he was only 57. Now that I’m only 2 years away form that self-same milestone I find my thoughts focusing on the fact that time is no longer a limitless resource. If I’d like to make a difference, perhaps now is the time.

Of course anxiety is a habit that takes some breaking and oughtn’t to be disposed of completely as its one of natures imperatives. Thoughts duly came crowding in with images of empty therapy rooms, spiralling overheads and a rapidly reducing sense of self worth. All of which are distinctly possible outcomes. After all, a clinic in Harley Street is a high-level move. Mind you given my training, I know better than to leave it there.

Just as these anxieties truly are potential futures, so is a thriving practice, happy clients, clients referring my services in London just as they do here in Peterborough, a healthy return on my investment of time and energy and resource. Planning is about balance. Anxiety has its place and serves to warn of the risks but seldom warns of the rewards. Whenever anxiety fires off it’s instinctive warnings, always counter-balance them with the outcomes that could go well. It’s the stuff of realistic decision making and happy futures.

Perhaps it really is time.

Time to put the anxieties behind. Time to step into Harley Street.

Over the years, my Hypnotherapy Practice has matured into one that specialises in Anxiety, Depression and Stress. If client feedback is anything to go by and assuming I’m comfortable blowing trumpets, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is really helping them make a difference to their lives. I routinely use standard IAPT scores to measure progress, so both they and I know the progress is real.

With this in mind, clients will be able to work with me in Harley Street from next year and I’m excited at the prospect. There’s a lot of work to do and a lot of clients who I could potentially help. The key is going to be in cultivating ways that clients who want to work with me can easily get in touch.

So if you, or someone you know, suffer with anxiety, depression or stress, feel free to get in touch. Come and work with me. Perhaps by the time we finish, you’ll be able to leave your Stress, Depression or Anxiety in Harley Street too.


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    Hi Angela,
    thank you so much for your kind words. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Harley Street was a big decision and I have to say, I’m really excited at the challenge.
    Have a fabulous 2016!

  2. Congratulations Tony, I’m sure you have made the right decision to move forward to Harley Street ,and help so many people as you have helped me in my difficult last year.You have been patient ,kind and very professional ,thank you.

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