3 Gifts: Relief For Low Mood And Depression mp3

gift low mood depression relief


3 Gifts: Relief for Low Mood & Depression

(20 minutes)

When we suffer from low mood or depression, our Unconscious Minds find it incredibly difficult to spot anything good in our world.

This 20-minute hypnotic mp3 gently teaches your Unconscious Mind to notice those small ‘gifts’ that lie all around.

In a surprisingly short time, this can help to gently lift your mood. Sometimes that gentle lift is the difference that makes the difference.

Listen every day towards bedtime or whenever you feel the need to relax.

Length: 20.00m

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For some clients the underlying causes of low mood & depression need specific therapy. If you suspect this is you, get in touch so we can discuss Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how it can help you.


Photo credit: Artem Bali/Unsplash