These carefully designed Hypnotherapy downloads employ the latest theories and techniques so you can get the best results when you use them. I provide them free of charge so that they can reach the widest possible audience.

They are recorded as mp3 downloads which means that once you’ve downloaded them, you can use them as often as you wish. Each recording is only 10 minutes long, making them easy to listen to and because that’s all the time it takes to deliver the underlying messages. Simply play your mp3 and relax whilst your unconscious mind listens and learns on your behalf. It is usually most effective to listen to these downloads on earphones or headphones as this allows your unconscious mind to experience the full benefit of the complex hypnotherapy structure.

I recommend listening at least once a day when you can find somewhere quiet and relaxing.

Please ensure that you don’t listen to these recordings whilst driving or doing anything that requires your attention

When you choose on or more of these hypnotherapy downloads you will also be able to subscribe to TBTalks, the Tony Burkinshaw Cognitive Hypnotherapy newsletter. If you would prefer not to subscribe, please uncheck the box after selecting your hypnotherapy mp3.

If you have any questions regarding these mp3 downloads or would like to discuss whether you may benefit from therapy sessions with me, please click the button below to go to the Contact page.

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